The program at TLC provides the perfect balance between the structured approach and the developmental approach to learning. We believe in meeting the needs of the “whole child” – socially, emotionally and cognitively. We believe that this sound early childhood program gives our students the tools that will serve them well on their educational journey. Our phonics-based program provides a strong foundation for success in reading. Our students place in the higher reading groups in Kindergarten.

The daily schedule includes planned activities related to the “letter of the week”- language arts, math readiness, art, science, social studies, drama, music and movement. These activities are balanced with outside time and “self chosen time” where the children are free to choose between housekeeping, water play, free art and manipulatives. The children are taught respect of themselves, others and the environment.  Learning should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience and therefore should not place pressures upon the child.

Our Pre K graduates have mastered fluent reading, basic math, addition and subtraction, and writing letters both uppercase and lowercase.

100% of our students pass our Kindergarten readiness test.

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